Wednesday, August 04, 2004

US NTSB investigators recommend mandatory "black boxes" in new cars

An article in reports that NTSB investigators of a fatal crash (10 killed, 63 injured) are recommending that "black boxes" be made mandatory in passenger vehicles. The majority of new vehicles have "event data recorders", which record data related the last few seconds before airbag deployment. Most drivers are not aware that their vehicles have these installed and privacy advocate David Sobel (of EPIC) has some things to say about that. As is often the case, the good folks at have some things to say on this topic:

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linuxwrangler writes "Officials at the National Transportation Safety Board are recommending the government require data recorders in all passenger vehicles. David Sobel of EPIC says his group has privacy concerns - especially when drivers are unaware of the presence of the devices. Auto black-boxes have been covered here before."

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