Monday, August 02, 2004

CBC Feature: Access and the database-ization of North America

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp's "The Current" is spending the holiday Monday focusing on privacy issues. The show begins with an interview with Michael Geist, continues with an interview with a BC PI (whose name I can't recall) and also has a dicussion of Privacy International's Big Brother Awards (by first and second posts on this topic and the official award announcement). I understand the transcript and real audio will be made available online tomorrow. If that is not the case, leave me a comment below and I'll try to fix the problem.

The Current 02/08/04 - Access and the age of 'database-ization' of North America: how much information about you is actually out there?

Addition: Thanks to an e-mail from Simon Chester, I can report that the combined transcript/Real Audio recording of the show is now available at Also, the PI whose name I didn't catch is Jim Thomason, VP of the Private Investigators Association of British Columbia.

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