Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Canadian Bankers push for ID theft law

A number of privacy stories are coming out of the meeting of Chiefs of Police this week. Among them is a presentation by the Canadian Bankers Association, calling for stronger criminal laws specifically dealing with ID theft. See the following article from the Globe & Mail, a portion of which is quoted below:

Stronger ID Theft Laws Needed, CBA Says

VANCOUVER — The Canadian Bankers Association will advocate for new identity theft legislation at this week's national police chiefs' convention in Vancouver.

On Wednesday, the banking association's security director will address the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police about the need to reform the Criminal Code to curtail identity theft.

"It's part of our ongoing effort with law enforcement," said Caroline Hubberstey, banking association spokeswoman.

Among other changes, the banking association wants to see identity theft clearly defined in the Criminal Code. They also want to make it an offence to possess multiple pieces of other people's identification, Ms. Hubberstey said.

At present, about 30 Criminal Code offences and one under the National Defence Act address identity theft, she said.

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