Saturday, August 28, 2004

F-bomb-dropping attorney gets worldwide notoriety

Most of this article and the buzz surrounding this incident (see below) is about lawyer civility and its supposed decline since the "good old days". It also serves as a reminder that many voicemail systems make messages very portable. Some systems send messages as e-mails with a .wav attachment. A breeze to forward far and wide. Not only should you be careful about what you leave on someone's message machine (see the Federal Privacy Commissioner's finding against a bank on this subject: PIPED Act Case Summary #270: Bank agrees to modify automated message), but you should remember that they can be easily saved and fowarded to goodness only knows where.

F-bomb-dropping attorney gets worldwide notoriety

August 25, 2004
BY ERIC HERMAN - Business Reporter

So much for professional courtesy.

A Chicago lawyer's expletive-filled phone message circulating on the Internet is providing fresh evidence to those who say lawyers' standards of behavior are eroding. ..."

The voice mail message (along with some commentary) is posted on on KinsellaLaw, for the curious.

Thanks to Bag and Baggage for leading me to this...

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