Monday, August 30, 2004

Australia begins review of private sector privacy legislation

The Australian Attorney General, Philip Ruddock, has initiated a review of private sector privacy legislation in that country.

Computerworld | Ruddock sets up privacy law review:

"Enterprises handling the personal information of customers are being given a second chance to influence the operation of the federal Privacy Act (1998). Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock has announced a review of private sector provisions of the law.

According to a statement from Ruddock's office, Federal Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis has been asked to 'examine the impact of the legislation on the community and the private sector', with the review assessing whether regulation of the private sector has been a success since the introduction of national legislation three years ago.

Specifically, the review will consider whether the laws have achieved a 'comprehensive national scheme for the private sector that regulates how organizations collect, use, store, disclose and transfer individuals' personal information'. "

Interested readers should note that Canada's PIPEDA is subject to mandatory review, which will take place next year.

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