Thursday, August 26, 2004

Article: Blawgs may be worth a try

I just discovered an article about Canadian lawyers' blogs from Canada Law Book. It mentions this blog, but I didn't know about it when it came out in June. And I'm not too offended that the author didn't get my name right.

Blawgs may be worth a try


"The marketing advantage of blawgs are that they put your name out there," says Girard. "If a blawg is reasonably well read, it will move up pretty quickly in the Google rankings."

Aficionados estimate that there are currently about 500 law-related blogs online in the United States, which indicates the trend is still in its infancy. Interested readers can search them out by going to

In Canada, an initial Law Times search turned up only Girard's site ( Later searches found a few more: one for a lawyer in Nova Scotia on elder law (, one on privacy law from David T.S. Cooper FRASER at McInnes Cooper in Atlantic Canada (, Martin G. Ertl in B.C. has two, and another called Boiler-plate (, which is "dedicated to elegant drafting in contracts."

Michael Crawford, a marketing and communications consultant with in Toronto, thinks he knows why there are so few in Canada.

Read the full article here.

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