Friday, August 20, 2004

Privacy Presentations from the CBA Annual CLE Extravaganza

As promised a short while ago, I've posted the presentations from the CBA Annual CLE session on cross-border privacy issues. Many thanks to Simon Chester for compiling our three powerpoints into one coherent (and hefty) acrobat file.

Cross-Border Issues for Privacy Law Compliance in Canada, the US & the EU

Presented by the National Privacy Law Section and the National Business Law Section This panel will focus on issues facing multi-national organizations that seek to align their privacy law compliance procedures across jurisdictions. The panel will examine the approaches taken by multi-nationals in complying with the new Canadian laws, as well as requirements for Canadian companies doing business in the US and the EU.

Moderator: David M.W.Young, Partner, Lang Michener LLP (Toronto)

Speakers: Simon Chester, Partner, McMillan Binch LLP (Toronto)
Evelyn L. Sullen, Staff Counsel, Volkswagen of America Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)
David T.S. Fraser, Associate, McInnes Cooper (Halifax)

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