Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Simon Chester's Op/Ed piece on outsourcing and privacy

Monday morning's National Post contained an opinion piece by Simon Chester, which conveniently coincided with his presentation to the Canadian Bar Association in Winnipeg on cross-border privacy issues. The piece does not appear to be generally available on the National Post's site, but it is on Simon's firm's site: Whether privacy is the big outsourcing bogeyman remains to be seen, but there does appear to be a growing concern about personal information being beamed around the world.

Regardless of the legal and contractual restrictions attached to the data as it crosses frontiers, I think John and Jane Public (if they know about it) are nervous at the idea and for some businesses, perception is as important as reality.

I'll also take the opportunity to throw in a shameless plug for Nova Scotia, a great nearshore outsourcing destination where service providers get great privacy advice and are easily within the reach of US regulators and the Canadian Privacy Commissioner. For more info, check out "The Nova Scotia Business Case."

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