Tuesday, September 19, 2006

US AG calls for ISP data retention on behalf of law enforcement

Once again, the US Attorney General is calling for a law requiring internet service providers to collect and keep logs for law enforcement purposes:

USATODAY.com - Gonzales calls for law to require Internet companies to preserve customer data:

... 'We respect civil liberties but we have to harmonize this so we can get more information,' he said.

The subject has prompted some alarm among Internet service provider executives and civil liberties groups after the Justice Department took Google to court earlier this year to force it to turn over information on customer searches. Civil liberties groups also have sued Verizon and other telephone companies, alleging they are working with the government to provide information without search warrants on subscriber calling records.

Justice Department officials have said that any proposal would not call for the content of communications to be preserved and would keep the information in the companies' hands. The data could be obtained by the government through a subpoena or other lawful process....

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