Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style

There's a new legal blog in town, and it's unlike any of the other Canadian legal blogs out there. Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style is hard to pigeon-hole, but is about law, life, style and other interesting stuff. I'll leave it to the site's author, Melissa Kluger, to describe it:

I’ve been a lawyer in Toronto now for four years. Over this time, a lot of law magazines, newspapers and newsletters have crossed my desk. Even though these are publications for lawyers, I never feel like they are really talking to me. They always feel a little old, a little earnest and, well, a little boring. I want a publication that is fun, smart and stylish — that understands what it’s like to be a young lawyer, asks tough questions about the profession, and strives to entertain and enlighten me. And so I’m setting off to make one. A Precedent, if you will. A magazine that gets lawyers and knows what they want.

Check it out ...

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