Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BC Information Summit

If you will be in BC on September 29, you may want to consider attending the BC Information Summit:

BC INFORMATION SUMMIT Open Government: What Works and What Doesn't

The BC Information Summit – Friday September 29

BC's Freedom of Information Act, passed in 1992, was designed to make BC's government more open and accountable. Then-Attorney General Colin Gabelman proclaimed, “We want to create a ‘culture of openness' within government so that information is routinely released.”

That was the theory then; what is the reality today? Has FOI really made the government more transparent and accountable? Has it empowered citizens? Is government really more open than it was fourteen years ago?

The first BC Information Summit brings together academics, legal experts, journalists, present and past elected officials and experienced Freedom of Information requesters from every sector of society. Together, they shall explore the challenges and solutions of creating an open government and a free flow of information to the public.

For agenda, speaker and ticket information click http://www.infosummit.ca/.

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