Friday, September 01, 2006

Stealth surfing not quite worry free

Those worried about the internet surfing footprints they leave on their PC have a new ally in Browzar, which is an internet browser that doesn't keep a cache, save cookies or use "autocomplete". And it is less than 300k and doesn't require any installation.

I did a little googling ... I mean I used the Google® internet search engine ... looking for more info and found a recent blog posting by Scott Hanselman, who did some looking under the hood of Browzar. According to this post browzar works in tandem with Internet Explorer and deletes image files after they are written to the cache by IE. And not all files are actually deleted. This causes two problems: The first is the file that isn't deleted and the second is that the users' tracks are still on the PC, but have just been deleted (and can therefore be undeleted).

And, of course, you also have to worry about the ability of the visited sites to track you down by your IP address.

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