Sunday, September 17, 2006

DVD + RFID = Ultimate copy protection (and privacy invasion?)

Ritek Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of DVDs, is moving to embed RFID chips in DVDs to prevent counterfeiting, allow inventory tracking, regional lock-downs and perhaps invasions of privacy. The chips will be read by point of sale systems and individual DVD players.

DVD chips 'to kill illegal copying' -

U-Tech described this as the "real end game" for the chip-on-disc technology, which would "eliminate optical disc piracy in the entertainment and IT sectors" .

IPICO claims that its RFID tags can be read from at least six metres away, and at a rate of thousands of tags per minute. The passive chips require no battery, as they are powered by the energy in radio waves from the RFID reader.

"I have envisioned using RFID to improve product visibility and enhance security in the optical disc industry for some time," said Yeh.

"Launching the chip-on-disc system has made this dream a reality and holds the potential to protect the intellectual property of music companies, film studios, gaming and software developers worldwide."

Gordon Westwater, president of IPICO, added: "[This is the] first step towards new international standards to safeguard optical media, and the subsequent adoption of the chip-on-disc concept as a global standard."

Via: Embedded RFID to smack-down DVD piracy - Engadget.

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