Monday, November 14, 2005

That's a little cheeky: MacLean's Magazine buys Privacy Commissioner's cellphone records off the 'net

CBC Arts is running an article on the newly revamped MacLean's Magazine. What does this have to do with privacy? Well, it offers a preview of the cover story in the next edition:

CBC Arts: Revamped Maclean's revives current affairs format

The cover story of the redesigned magazine is a "special investigation" of the way data brokers, most of them in the U.S., are accumulating private and personal information about Canadian citizens.

To prove the vulnerability of Canadians' private information, national correspondent Jonathon Gatehouse bought the phone records of Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart.

The redesigned cover has dropped its borders in favour of a full-page photo of Stoddart, looking startled, and five throw boxes pointing to stories inside. In the future, cover photos will be "candid," Whyte says. Also, a maple leaf has replaced the apostrophe in Maclean's.

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