Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interesting privacy protest: Irate client gives Visa pennies for his thoughts on cross-border data processing

Dan Rogers is a retiree in Kingston, Ontario. He isn't too thrilled that the bank that issues his Visa card sends his data to the United States for processing. He has complained to them, but to no avail. So what does he do? He pays his bill online, one penny at a time. I don't really see the connection between the two, but he is rather pleased with it and Visa is not impressed. Apparently his latest statement was almost an inch think and Visa had to process many of the payments by hand.

The Globe and Mail: Irate client gives Visa pennies for his thoughts

"It's difficult for the average citizen to get large corporations to listen," explained Mr. Rogers, who nevertheless managed to get a one-on-one conversation with the bank's chief executive officer this year, and has had a dialogue with its privacy officer.

"Us retired guys are the most dangerous, because we have time on our hands. You have to look for the weaknesses in their system, and I think I found it."

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