Thursday, November 24, 2005

Alberta bar to continue scanning IDs despite Commissioner's advice not to

The saga related to the scanning of IDs in Alberta bars continues. The Gauntlet, a University of Calgary student publication, reports that the bar in question is planning to ignore the Information and Privacy Commissioner's recommendation by continuing to use the Secureclub system. The investigation by the IPC will likely continue and may culminate with an order under the Personal Information Protection Act of Alberta in the new year. In the meantime, the univeristy pub is going ahead with using the technology. See Gauntlet News - Private info or no beer.

For some background on this complaint and the issue generally:

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Anonymous said...

Good for the bars who are taking a proactive stance and trying to create a safe inviroment for the patrons. In the last 20 years I have watched bars become nothing but a babysitting service for unruly load screaming tantrum over drinking assholes. bars use to a pleasant place to go and have a little fun. These systems weed out the ones who know they cant hide in the masses and then become assholes anytime they please. this systems makes those people ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS BY BARING THEM OUT THIS SYSTEM SHOULD BE MANDATORY IN EVERY BAR THE UNRULY PATRONS REALY DRIVE THE PRICE OF BOOZE UP EXTRA STAFF, DAMAGE, CLEANUP, LOST CUSTOMERS so if you dont like your ID scanned go to the other bar and sit with your back to the wall. Chalkywhite from PA