Friday, January 14, 2005

Wired foreshadows the privacy fights for 2005

Thanks to PrivacySpot for pointing me to the intersting article in Wired on the upcoming privacy fights of 2005:

Privacy Battles of 2005 | - Privacy Law and Data Protection:

"Wired is running a nice article about the upcoming privacy fights of 2005. President Bush has plans to expand federal powers under the Patriot Act. Whether that involves passing Patriot II or pushing provisions through piecemeal remains to be seen. What is evident, though, is that privacy advocates have cause for concern. Unfortunately, the SAFE Act, which seeks to counteract some of Patriot's more onerous provisions, is languishing in the House and Senate floors. Also on the horizon as battles over national ID cards, DNA databases, states' rights in passing privacy legislation, and the ubiquitous RFID tags. It promises to be an interesting year, as privacy battles escalate because of two factors: increased demands for privacy restrictions due to terrorism, and the rapid elimination of formerly insurmountable technological barriers."

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