Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Commissioner is on the case of leaked lawyer's personal information

From a report in the Edmonton Sun, it appears that the Federal Privacy Commissioner is -- personally -- investigating how an imprisoned criminal in the United States obtained very personal information about an Edmonton lawyer:

Privacy boss to probe how con got confidential info:

"The federal privacy commissioner is coming to Edmonton to probe RCMP records in an effort to determine how a city lawyer's personal information ended up in the U.S. jail cell of a convicted skinhead. But criminal defence lawyer Tom Engel has also come up with some of his own theories about how his personal information - and that of his partner, their wives and four legal assistants - got into the jail cell of skinhead Daniel Sims. "

I'd be very surpised if Jennifer Stoddart is putting on her trenchcoat and digging out her magnifying glass to investigate this personally, but that's what it sounds like.

(For some background on the story of Tom Engel's personal information disclosure, see: PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law: Authorities give US prisoner detailed personal information on Albertans)

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