Sunday, January 02, 2005

Article: Going after the 'spies' around us

The New Hampshire Sunday News and Union Leader is carrying an article in its Sunday edition discussing the everyday tracking of consumers and legislative initiatives in New Hampshire to do something about it. The article features an interesting perspective from an NH legislator:
The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - 02-Jan-05 - Going after the 'spies' around us:

"One proposed bill would make it illegal to sell goods 'with any tracking device in or incorporated into them unless the seller prior to the sale informs the consumer orally or in writing of the existence of the device,' according to Smith.

Rep. Howard 'Crow' Dickinson is the prime sponsor of that measure, as well as the one dealing with receipts. He's worried that people are too willing to give up their privacy in exchange for convenience or saving money.

"We have a tendency to be a nation of sheep," the Center Conway Republican declared. "And it's really sad."

"The American public, it is incredible how they will tolerate this invasion of privacy that goes on."

Dickinson said he makes a point of using a false name and address when he applies for so-called 'loyalty' cards at retailers. And he also purposely signs the customer copy of a credit card receipt and keeps the merchant copy, which he said sometimes includes the entire account number, to ensure that his card number is kept secure. "

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