Sunday, January 09, 2005

Followup: Google Exposes Web Surveillance Cams

Earlier, I posted about being able to find things on the web that the owners probably thought were hidden. (See: PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law: Beware what you put online ... there be google hackers.) has an interesting discussion on the topic, providing the critical techie perspective.

Slashdot | Google Exposes Web Surveillance Cams:

"Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday January 09, @10:00AM
from the pick-a-password-people dept.

An anonymous reader writes 'Blogs and message forums buzzed this week with the discovery that a pair of simple Google searches permits access to well over 1,000 unprotected surveillance cameras around the world - apparently without their owners' knowledge.' Apparently many of the cams are even aimable. Oops! "

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