Sunday, October 10, 2004

Medical privacy in collegiate athletics

Privacy issues are everywhere and most industries are having to readjust their practices to accomodate legislative requirements. Collegiate athletics are are not immune, according to an article in the Lexington [Kentucky] Herald-Leader. The article discusses the balance between athletes' privacy and the insatiable desire of fans to know about their favourite teams and players. Privacy laws also affect the ability of all members of the coaching and training team to know about the physical state of their athletes:

Lexington Herald-Leader | 10/10/2004 | privacy vs. publicity:

"When forward Sheray Thomas underwent surgery last week, Kentucky intended to say nothing about the procedure. Anyone mildly interested in big-time athletics knows that such silence is anything but golden. Like air rushing into a vacuum, wild-eyed rumor fills the void.


Then someone leaked the surgery story, which led [University of Kansas] and the media to wrestle with an ongoing problem in athletics: how to satisfy an athlete's request for privacy while meeting a fan base's insatiable hunger for information while complying with the federal government's stricter rules on the release of medical records."

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