Saturday, October 16, 2004

Data Miners Moving to Offshore Data Havens

Slashdot has an interesting new discussion stemming from an article that appeared in the Washington Post about former US Government data-miners who have fled to the Bahamas to avoid US privacy laws.

Slashdot | Data Miners Moving to Offshore Data Havens:

"Posted by michael on Saturday October 16, @06:03PM
from the data-arbitrage dept.

schwit1 writes 'Washington Post has an article about former TIA personnel moving their data mining operations offshore (Bahamas) to escape U.S. privacy rules, and to make a buck. I'm waiting for somebody to publish the private data (financial, medical, legal) of federal officials and their families on an open internet web server out of the Bahamas. Is this what it will take for the US to enact stringent privacy rules?' "

The discussion is interesting, as is the article it is based upon, but the participants have varying levels of understanding of privacy law.

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