Saturday, October 16, 2004

Incident: Confidential Medical Records Found In Dumpster Behind Building

KVBC of Las Vegas is reporting on an incident in which confidential counselling records were apparently removed from a counselling centre and left in a dumpster for anyone to find:

Confidential Medical Records Found In Dumpster Behind Building:

"Suspected burglary at the Community Counseling Center leaves boxes of confidential files exposed. News 3 Investigator Darcy Spears tells us about the unlikely place the files were found. Counseling center staff were shocked when we showed them dozens upon dozens of private files in a wide open dumpster behind their building. They recovered everything, then called police to find out who would want to hurt those in the business of helping.

On the inside, the signs of respecting privacy and confidentiality are everywhere. But just outside the Community Counseling Center near Sahara and Maryland Parkway, we discovered a serious violation of that privacy. 'Social Security number, telephone number, address, psychological testing results.'"

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