Thursday, October 07, 2004

Comprehensive HIPAA resources

The HIPAABlog recently linked to a great resource for HIPAA information:

HIPAA Blog: " A Fabulous Resource: Sorry for the light blogging of late, but I've had paying clients to take care of. But I do have a great tip for you: the American Health Information Management Association's website is a fabulous resource for all things HIPAA: forms, articles, policies and procedures, etc. Click on 'body of knowledge' in the upper right corner of the main page, and you can brouse hundreds of articles and forms useful for just about any HIPAA circumstance. Check out their security 'toolbox' articles under the 'professional tools' link on the left."

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Marty-Patients sign in said...

HIPAA laws are changing, but not to worry. If the medeocre US government workers do as well as they did the last time, it will take 12 years and still be incorrect.<-(Rant)They expect to have the changes by early 2013, with up to 6 months change over time.