Monday, May 01, 2006

Survey on Canadian privacy law compliance released by CIPPIC

The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest clinic has today released a pair of reports that paint an unflattering portrait of the state of compliance with privacy laws in Canada. The first is a survey of Canadian retailers to determine whether the companies reviewed are complying with PIPEDA and its equivalents. The second is a survey of the data brokering indstry in Canada. Here's the blurb and links from the CIPPIC website:


CIPPIC study shows widespread violation of privacy laws

May 1, 2006

In a report released today, the CIPPIC provides the results of the first Canadian survey assessing the compliance of retailers with Canadian data protection laws. The results show widespread non-compliance with federal laws requiring openness, accountability, consent, and individual access to personal data. In a companion report also released today, CIPPIC exposes the many ways that detailed personal information about consumers is gathered and traded in the marketplace.

  • News Release (French version)
  • Report on Retailer Compliance with PIPEDA
  • Compliance Report - Executive Summary (French version)
  • Compliance Report - Appendices
  • Report on Databrokerage Industry
  • Databroker Report - Executive Summary (French version)
  • Update (20060512): The Ottawa Citizen is reporting on this in today's edition: Online sellers flout privacy rules.

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