Saturday, May 06, 2006

Incident: Idaho utility hard drives -- and data -- turn up on eBay

If you have a friend, acquiaintance, colleague, contact, chum, pal, neighbour or customer who is involved in decommissioning any (ANY!) information technology assets, please tell him or her that the surest route to the unemployment queue is to disposte of any media containing business or personal information without securely wiping the contents. The latest example of this is from ComputerWorld (Idaho utility hard drives -- and data -- turn up on eBay), but it is just one of hundreds of similar incidents. I would have thought that the word would have gotten out by now, but I guess some people just don't read the news. If I were to buy a used hard-drive on eBay, the first thing I'd do is run an unerase program just to see what's there. Hundreds of other people would do it and either (i) call the media or (ii) rip off your customers. It doesn't have to be that way. Just don't let it happen.

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