Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Texas AG sues to prevent unfettered sale of bankrupt company's customer data

(Update 20060516) Here's an interesting lesson about assuming that RSS feeds are recent: The story below that I posted about earlier today is actually six years old. It was originally published in October 2000. Thanks to the reader who e-mailed to point that out! (I thought it was oddly familiar ...)

The Attorney General of Texas has stepped in to try to limit the resale of defunct Living.com's customer data as part of a bankruptcy sale. According to Computer World, the AG has filed a lawsuit against the company's bankruptcy trustee to require the destruction of sensitive financial customer information (credit card data, social security numbers, etc) and a requirement that the customers in question be given a chance to opt out before their remaining data is transferred. See: Texas Attorney General Sues to Stop Living.com Data Sale.

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