Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yahoo and Microsoft expected to adjust data retention guidelines

According to the Financial Times, both Yahoo and Microsoft are soon going to announce changes in their privacy polies regarding the retention of search users' information. "Changes" may be stretching it a bit, since neither have publicly come out to say what their retention policies are: / Companies / Media & internet - Web search groups to yield on privacy

Web search groups to yield on privacy

By Maija Palmer in London

Published: July 5 2007 22:02 | Last updated: July 5 2007 22:02

Yahoo and Microsoft are preparing to announce concessions in their privacy policies in the next few weeks, as pressure mounts in Europe over the length of time internet search companies should be allowed to hold personal data.

The Article 29 Working Party, a group of national officials that advises the European Union on privacy policy, last month said it wanted to investigate how long companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft keep data on individuals who use their search engines.

The Working Party has already been in discussions with Google over its policies for keeping data, and intends to widen scrutiny to the rest of the market.

The Article 29 group is concerned that data kept by search engine companies can be used to identify individuals and create profiles of their preferences....

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