Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Saskatchewan Commissioner calls for improvements to privacy and access

The Information and Privacy Commissioner in Saskatchewan has released his annual report for 2006-2007. From the press release:
NEWS RELEASE – July 4, 2007

Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner tables 2006-2007 Annual Report.

Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Mr. Gary Dickson, has submitted his Annual Report for 2006-2007 to the Legislative Assembly. The document is available at the website:

Dickson commented on a number of improvements in terms of compliance by Saskatchewan public bodies with access and privacy requirements. He made recommendations to the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly as to how the province can do an even better job. This includes:

  • An open letter from the Premier to each of his Ministers stressing the importance of compliance with our access and privacy laws.
  • Making each Deputy Minister explicitly responsible for ensuring that his or her Department fully complies with our access and privacy laws.
  • The need for Ministers, CEOs of Crown corporations and local authorities to provide clear direction and explicit support to the FOIP (access and privacy) Coordinators in each of their organizations.

Commissioner Dickson discussed a worrisome trend in the introduction of new laws and regulations that diminish the information rights of Saskatchewan residents.

Dickson’s report includes 9 proposed steps for the Saskatchewan Government that would promote excellence in meeting access and privacy requirements.

So far, this is the only media coverage I've seen: Prince George Citizen - Commissioner says Sask. officials need to beef up and encourage privacy laws.

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