Sunday, July 08, 2007

Privacy Calendar

I've put together a semi-public calendar using Google Calendar called the "Privacy Calendar" to keep track of the various privacy-related events taking place worldwide.

You'll see a summary on the right hand side of the blog.

To make this as useful as possible for everyone who is trying to keep on top of this ever-changing field, please send me any events that I may be missing.

Here are other ways to get the calendar: RSS | iCal | HTML

I hope it is useful to you and I'm always willing to listen to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Neat! Too bad there's no RSS feed for the calendar, so I can stick it in my news reader. (I don't use Goog calendar, and don't care to, given their privacy policies.) Did you look at other calendar services?

privacylawyer said...

Thanks, Adam. There is an RSS feed: It's here and an iCal feed is here.

I did look at other services, but Google Calendar seemed the easiest to use. I don't have any of my personal information in the service. And this is just a listing of public events, so I wasn't too concerned.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, cool, I missed that. Thanks!

privacylawyer said...

I only added the RSS and iCal links after your comment, Adam, so you didn't miss them the first time.