Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nova Scotia Auditor General concerned about effect of USA Patriot Act on citizen privacy

The Nova Scotia Auditor General released his report for 2005 in December. The fourth chapter is entitled Electronic Information Security and Privacy Protection.

In his report, he reviews the privacy and information security practices of a number of departments, including Justice and Community Services. He also touches upon the USA Patriot Act and its possible impact on the personal information of Nova Scotians. Data processing and information storage services for the province are provided by wholly-owned subsidiaries of American companies, which are undoubtedly subject to American laws. The province has carried out a study of the situation, but refused to provide it to the Auditor General, citing solicitor-client and cabinet privilege. In an interview by the Canadian Press, the provincial Minister of Justice hinted that Nova Scotia will be introducing a law in the spring sitting of the Legislature to mirror that passed by British Columbia to better protect personal information from being disclosed to foreign law enforcement.

Read the CP article here: N.S. auditor concerned citizens information could be leaked to U.S. agencies - Yahoo! News.

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