Monday, January 09, 2006

Crystal ball gazing for 2006: Geist

Michael Geist recenly gazed into his crystal ball and has made some predictions for technology law in 2006. Here's what he said about privacy and security: - Geist: Tech laws we need

Privacy and Security

The privacy law we need: 2005 was labelled the worst year ever for security breaches, with more than 50 million people in North America directly affected by the dozens of breaches that placed their personal information at risk. The growing awareness of security vulnerabilities stems from U.S. laws that compel companies to inform customers that their information was subject to a breach. Similar legislation is needed in Canada.

The privacy law we will get: The government introduced its so-called "lawful access" package last fall. The expression "lawful access" sounds benign; the goal isn't. It would give intrusive new powers of surveillance to law-enforcement authorities without needed judicial oversight.

Canadians can expect to see it revived whichever party forms the next government. While lawful access is better characterized as anti-privacy legislation, its re-emergence will force the privacy community to rally around appropriate oversights to guard against privacy abuse.

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