Saturday, January 14, 2006

Conviction in Nova Scotia card skimming case

Crown prosecutors in Nova Scotia have secured the conviction of Eugeniu Micolai Moldovan on 77 counts of fraud, stemming from a scam in which Moldovan and an accomplice placed a card skimmer and PIN reader on automated ticketing machines at a local movie megaplex. The accomplice previously pleaded guilty.

Credit for catching the scammers goes to a vigilant bank employee who noted a pattern of fraud and tipped off the Halifax police that the scammer would likely be at a particular movie theatre on a particular date. I wish I knew which bank or who the employee is to give proper credit.

The scammer used a card reader and a pin-pad overlay to catch both the mag stripe info and the customer's PIN. The hardware used was pretty good and users couldn't tell it was there.

Moldovan will be sentenced on February 16 and the Crown Prosecutor said he'd be seeking a lengthy sentence.

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