Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Irish bank and VISA develop a disposable credit card

Here's a product that should reduce some fears about shopping online: An Irish bank and VISA international have developed and tested a new personal finance product that is remarkably similar to prepaid cellular service or some long-distance cards. You set up an account, load it up with cash, and use it until it's empty. No credit check required, since it isn't credit. You can top it up or chuck it away when it's empty. The card is accepted by all Visa vendors and using it presents very little risk of fraud. All that's at risk is the balance on the card. No word on whether it will be as anonymous as long-distance cards, but it'll offer some protection for the paranoid and will enable people who don't have credit cards to book flights online and buy junk from eBay. More info: Disposable credit card? That'll do nicely | The Register.

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