Monday, August 15, 2005

Address 'gaping hole' in privacy laws, Saskatchewan Commissioner says

Gary Dickson, the Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan, has released a report that calls for some significant changes to the province's public sector privacy law. The Sask. statute is similar to Nova Scotia's in that it lacks any requirement to safeguard personal information:

The Globe and Mail: Address 'gaping hole' in privacy laws, officer says:

"Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner says the province must address a 'gaping hole' in privacy laws and require public organizations to protect personal information more stringently.

In the report, Privacy Commissioner Gary Dickson said that the current Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act does not require a government body to ensure personal information in its possession or under its control is protected.

'The effect is that Saskatchewan citizens continue to experience an unreasonably high level of risk that their personal information entrusted to public bodies will be used or disclosed inappropriately.'..."

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