Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Incident: MCI employee data stolen in laptop theft

Computerworld is reporting that an MCI employee had her laptop stolen, which contained sensitive personal information related to a large number of employees:

MCI employee data stolen in laptop theft - Computerworld:

"... The missing data includes names and Social Security numbers stored on a laptop that was stolen last month from a car parked in the home garage of an MCI financial analyst, said Linda Laughlin, an MCI spokeswoman. The MCI employee, whom Laughlin declined to identify, was authorized to have the data on her laptop; she was using it to analyze financial trends for the company, Laughlin said...."

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Anonymous said...

I was one of the "lucky few" that was on Kim Mick's laptop (this was published in the Colorado Springs Gazette). It had been over six years since I worked for MCI, and she is well known for keeping lots of confidential informaton on her laptop. When I called the "ask HR number" they stated they will try to implement a more secure method in the future. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!