Monday, May 16, 2005

The Gripe Line Weblog not pleased with updated privacy policy

Over at the Gripe Line Weblog, Ed Foster has a few choice words to say about the new privacy notice that he received from Orbitz. He's not pleased that only Californians have a right to know what info the company has about them, thanks to that state's more stringent privacy laws. Anyone living in any other state in the union gets to go pound sand, I guess. Also, he's not happy that they get to provide all his personal information to anybody they darn well please, for any other purpose:

The Gripe Line Weblog by Ed Foster

"We may also disclose your information to our affiliates and non-affiliated business partners for their use both on our behalf and for their own business purposes. For example, our affiliates and business partners may use such information to send you information about their products, services, other information, and materials that may be of interest to you."

The "revised privacy policy", in his view, is not a "new and improved" privacy policy.

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