Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Comment: Businesses will get what they deserve with a new privacy law

Bob Evans, in an article in Database Pipeline, has some strong words on privacy. In his words, businesses will be getting what they deserve if Congress decides to throw a 1200 page privacy law at them. An extract:

Protecting Customer Data Is Good Business:

"... Speaking of arcane: In that last sentence, I refer to 'customer-data security breaches,' which is an inside-baseball term if ever there were one. Maybe, to help us focus more clearly on the full implications of these 'breaches,' we should drop that IT-industry descriptor and adopt a customer-oriented term: privacy disasters. Or broken privacy promises. Or massive privacy violations. Privacy lawsuits ... negligence and malfeasance ... reckless disregard for privacy ... failure to comply with Generally Accepted Privacy Principles ... privacy litigation ... privacy crimes. Is it a big stretch from there to jail time?..."

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