Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy data privacy day!

Today is international data privacy day. I am sure there'll be some interesting content posted through the day around the world to acknowledge the event and I'll try to post links as I'm able.

First, Google's top lawyer, David Drummond, has posted on the Official Google Blog greater detail about Google's approach to government requests for user data (Google’s approach to government requests for user data). In the post, he points to a new part of their groundbreaking Transparency Report that provides even more information on "User Data Requests". It's great that Twitter has followed suit with its own Transparency Report. More companies should do so.

And speaking of Twitter, follow the #DPD13 hashtag to see what others are saying about Data Privacy Day.

Facebook has launched "Ask our CPO", where users can submit questions to be answered by Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan.
If you are in Halifax, you should also check out Dalhousie University's annual Data Privacy Day. It's being celebrated all afternoon on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 with a great lineup of speakers, including Jill Clayton, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. I'll be your emcee for the event.

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Anonymous said...

I'm presently sueing a major Canandian Bank for admitted disclosure of private Banking information. Banks have a way of being immune to investigations as I can attest and hope to expose publicly soon. I should have been congratulated for having pointed out a security breach but instead shields went up and their legal wrath and tactics struck with avail. I am fighting with my wife and family to obtain justice and end the political/financial/legal synergy of freeflowing of corporate banking information.