Thursday, January 03, 2013

A happy birthday present for the Canadian Privacy Law Blog

Barry Sookman must have been busy over the holidays, as he just released very interesting and thorough listing of leading IT/IP blogs, including both home-grown Canadian content and international leaders. I was pleasantly surprised to see this blog listed as number six in Canada and was flattered to be referred to as having the most popular privacy law blog. (I will note that when I named this THE Canadian Privacy Law Blog, it was the only one.)

When I started this blog, there may well have only been in the neighbourhood of six legal blogs in Canada and the field has grown significantly with a great amount of content produced on a daily basis. In fact, Barry's post reminded me that this blog turned eight years old yesterday and his recognition is a pleasant birthday present.

Here's my first post, welcoming readers to the blog: Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Welcome to the Canadian Privacy Law blog.

It's been a great eight years and I'm most pleased that readers still find it of value. Though the volume of posts has ebbed and flowed, depending on the tempo of developments in this area, I plan to keep it going as long as there are readers. And readers whose eyes are getting tired of the circa 2004 design will be happy to know there's a complete redesign in the works.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, David! Looking forward to your new design and the next 8 years!

Cheers, Michael