Saturday, March 29, 2008

US Patriot Act deters Canadians from Google service

I was interviewed last week by, a service of UK firm Pinsent Masons, for an article on the recent stories out of Canadian universities about hesitation to use Google's services due to USA Patriot Act concerns. See: US Patriot Act deters Canadians from Google service OUT-LAW.COM.

Out-law also has a weekly podcast that featured this story, which includes portions of my interview. See: High quality recording (10MB, 12 minutes) or Low quality recording for 27/03/2008 (2MB, 12 minutes).

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Employment Law Manchester said...

"I think the big concern with the Patriot Act is that certain demands and certain searches that used to require a warrant from a court and therefore were subject to court oversight and supervision now can be done with something similar to an administrative subpoena, something called a national security letter,"

Good point, it sounds like the government is slowly eroding away peoples civil rights.