Thursday, March 27, 2008

Info on participants in kids' summer program found in open trash in Toronto

The Toronto Sun is reporting that information about children who participated in a city-funded summer program was found in an open trash bin in a Toronto apartment building. The Sun also notes that a resident of the building was recently charged for child pornography offenses, but the two do not appear to be related. - Toronto And GTA- Kids' data exposed

Documents containing detailed information on children who participated in a city-funded summer program were carelessly left out in the open at a public housing apartment building where a man was recently charged with possession of child pornography.

George Pappas, director of the Glamorgan Resident's Association, was running one of his weekly social events for the residents when he and another member of his group found approximately 200 pages near the top of a garbage can in the rec room.

The papers contained the birth dates, health card numbers, contact details and other personal information on children from 6 and 7 Glamorgan Ave. and other nearby Toronto Community Housing buildings who participated in the summer program. ...

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