Saturday, December 16, 2006

Inside a one-to-one CRM project

1to1weekly has a profile of a customer tracking initiative undertaken by the Buffalo Sabres hockey team. It's an interesting profile of the project, but doesn't say anything of substance about consent or other privacy issues inherent in such undertakings:

Buffalo Sabres Score With Customer Data Power Play

... The new strategy aims to identify and interact with all levels of fans. The Sabres implemented a SageCRM system, which houses information on nearly 50,000 customers. All types of fans are managed within the CRM system: season ticket holders, suite holders, mini-pack ticket holders, and single game buyers. The marketing team profiles customers by demographic information (such as age, hometown, and gender), and can track purchase history, create reports on sponsors and advertisers, and monitor Sabre Insider weekly newsletter subscribers' activity....

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