Friday, December 01, 2006

Day four of the PIPEDA hearings

Michael Giest has a summary of the fourth day of testimony before the Parliamentary Committee conducting the PIPEDA review hearings:

Michael Geist - PIPEDA Hearings - Day 04 (B.C. Privacy Commissioner Loukidelis and Professor Val Steeves):

"Wednesday's PIPEDA hearing featured B.C. Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis and University of Ottawa professor Val Steeves. Commissioner Loukidelis went even further than the federal privacy commissioner in downplaying significant change. Loukidelis downplayed his order making power (a last resort), security breach notification (more evidence on impact needed), and even the concerns associated with cross-border transfers to the U.S. (can always pick a different private sector company). Professor Steeves highlighted the privacy challenges posed by new technologies and offered some specific reform recommendations. Natalie Senst was in attendance on Wednesday afternoon and she filed the following report:..."

Update (20070118): For links to the full hearing transcripts, go to: Canadian Privacy Law Blog: PIPEDA Review Transcripts.

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