Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blogging the PIPEDA hearings - Day 5

Michael Geist has again posted notes from the PIPEDA review hearings on is blog:

Michael Geist - PIPEDA Hearings - Day 05 (CMA, FETCO):

"Today marked the fifth day of PIPEDA hearings with the Canadian Marketing Association and FETCO (Federally Regulated Employers Transportation and Communication) taking centre stage. The gist of today's discussion from the witnesses - no order making power, cautious approach on security breach disclosure, and cut back on employee privacy rights. The MPs have begun to settle into specific issues with the Conservative members focused on the compliance costs, while the opposition members more receptive to enhanced privacy rights within PIPEDA. Shiran Sabari provides a complete look at the discussion: ..."

Update (20070118): For links to the full hearing transcripts, go to: Canadian Privacy Law Blog: PIPEDA Review Transcripts.

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