Monday, July 03, 2006

Nova Scotia considers electronic reporting of second-hand goods sales

The province of Nova Scotia has posted a discussion paper on the Department of Justice website soliciting comments on the electronic monitoring of pawnshops and second hand goods dealers. They seem to be considering following the Saskatchewan model, which requires photo ID from sellers and depositors. The info on the items and the particulars from the ID are sent to a company that operates a police-accessible database.

The discussion paper only mentions privacy in one throw-away line.

Possible Concerns or Drawbacks:

The Committee recognizes that the transition from the present no reporting of pawn transactions to mandatory reporting using an automated system is a big step. Customer concerns will include privacy issues and the fee on the service. Pawn shops will have concerns about the expense and time involved; also that it may discourage business or cause customer complaints. Some businesses may not voluntarily comply which will mean new enforcement responsibilities for the police. Licensing will also be an additional administrative responsibility and cost.

Similar rules are in place elsewhere, and I've commented a bit here:

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