Wednesday, July 19, 2006

North Carolina county to scan irises looking for sex offenders

According to Newsweek, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina is one of the first counties to adopt a new technology/database combination to keep closer tabs on sex offenders. Each sex offender in the county will be scanned and the local cops will be given scanning PDAs to check all suspects against the database. The database is owned by the private company that sells the scanners and privacy advocates are not pleased with the adoption of the technology. Iris Scans: Keeping an Eye on Sex Offenders - Newsweek Periscope - Via Fark ( (2179727) Rosco P. Coltrane to scan the irises of everybody pulled over in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina), where one commentator writes:

Think about it more like this:

1) Only speeders get scanned

2) Not all sex offenders speed

3) Therefore more scanning is needed.

Next logical step? Scanners on every door, window, and slushie machine.

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