Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Manitoba moves closer to having its own privacy law?

Brian Bowman, with Pitblado in Winnipeg and the leading privacy lawyer on the prairies, has an interesting column in today's Winnipeg Free Press entitled "NDP should support privacy bill or say why not". The column provides a general overview of Bill 207, the proposed Personal Information Protection and Identify Theft Prevention Act, which has been introduced as a private member's bill in the legislature. The bill is designed to be "substantially similar" to PIPEDA, so that it would apply instead of PIPEDA in the province.

Unfortunately for the bill's advocates, it was introduced by a member of the opposition, which is usually a sure sign that the bill will never see the light of day. But there is some hope since the provincial government has made statements about the need for legislation to protect citizens against identity theft.

Brian argues in his column that Manitoba's NDP government should either support the Bill or provide a reasonable alternative. The column is available on Pitblado's website here:

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