Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radwanski charged with fraud, criminal breach of trust

Charges were laid yesterday against George Radwanski in connection with the alleged mismanagement of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Radwanksi was forced to resign in late 2003 after a report by the federal Auditor General reported that during his two and a half years in the position, overspending was rampant and cronyism ruled the day. The charges are fraud and criminal breach of trust, which were filed by the RCMP.

The CBC reports on a statement made by Eddie Greenspan, Radwanski's lawyer:

Greenspan said his client is determined to clear his name.

"When he is given a fair opportunity to defend himself, the allegations will be demonstrated to be unfounded," Greenspan said in a statement.

Greenspan said a trial will show that during Radwanski's tenure as privacy commissioner of Canada, "he acted with integrity and in utmost good faith."

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