Wednesday, February 16, 2005

RFID, Electronic Eavesdropping and the Law

The RFID Journal is carrying an article by Dr. Reuven R. Levary (a Professor of Decision Sciences, Cook school of Business) and three JD/MBA students from Saint Louis University on the legal and privacy aspects of RFID technology:

RFID Journal - RFID, Electronic Eavesdropping and the Law:

"Feb. 14, 2005--As radio frequency identification enters the mainstream, consumer advocates are raising concerns about the potential use of the technology for electronic eavesdropping. In Europe, there are strong laws governing the use of data gathered on consumer. In the United States, no such overarching legislation exists. So the question is: What laws currently on the books, if any, in the United States could protect consumers against invasion of privacy using RFID systems? And what are the legal ramifications for companies that use the technology in a retail setting?. ..."

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